Wednesday, August 11, 2010

some things that are amazing

It's amazing to be alive, when we are cruising around in such ridiculously fragile machinery. Being born is a little like putting a raw egg in a Radio Flyer and giving it a good shove down a steep and rocky incline.

People I sort-of-know, but am not close to, have been coming down with a lot of illness and death recently. It brings to mind the fact that death is the rule, not the exception. Statistically, the probability that I should be sitting here breathing, rather than ashes and dust, is not quite zero, but a dot followed by too many zeroes to fit on this continent, and then a single 1, somewhere near Australia.

With that thought in mind, it's amazing we don't wake up every day and shout, "BOY HOWDY! I'M ALIVE AGAIN! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?"


  1. Thanks Carsie, it's good to remember that.

  2. Miraculous, indeed. Thanks for your literate way of reminding us to "live in the moment."