Monday, August 16, 2010

figgeldy piggeldy

We moved into this adorable South Philly house last November, with its handsome wood floors and its cute little fig tree in the back yard. Suddenly, this week, the cute little fig tree has exploded with fruit. This is about the third daily haul of this size.

Now taking suggestions. What to do with all these figs?


  1. I had a friend who just suggested wrapping them in prosciutto and grilling them. I like to smash'em up and put'em inside crepes. You can also make AMAZING preserve with them.

  2. Fig ice cream is yummy!

  3. Maybe too late, but fig jam is amazing!

    Here's a fancy one:

    And a simple one:

    Sliced figs are also really good with goat cheese, honey, and black pepper on crackers!