Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm in love with you, but it's all right.

By the way, I'm a songwriter! Here is the "casual love" blog post, in song form. It's brand new and hot off the proverbial presses.

If you like it, consider becoming a patron of my work, at It's like sending me a "tip" every time I write a new song. I really appreciate the support - and the extra kick in the pants to finish my songs!


  1. Not yet! But if you become a patron of my work ( for $1/month, you will be able to download it. Thanks!

  2. I'll get to working on that, then, because I'm rather fond of this post and this song.

  3. Your blog was spoken about in our psychology lecture, it really does look at things from a fresh perspective, I mentioned your casual love post in my recent blog post, take a look would be great if you give me a follow, Thanks :)