Friday, November 5, 2010

travel tips

There are plenty of travel guides in the world, and I'm sure many of them are handy. That said, road-tripping in the northeastern US is it's own breed of travel, and I have become something of an expert at it (IIDSSM). Here are a few things you ought to know about before you embark.

1) Wawa. Wawa is a convenience store which I'm pretty sure only exists in PA, NJ and DE (correct me if I'm wrong). If you ever have the good fortune to come across one in the course of a long drive, take full advantage. There is fresh fruit, hot sandwiches, cheap gas, and even milkshakes. Joe is pictured here anticipating his made-to-order sandwich from this high-tech touch screen.

2) Cracker Barrel. The Wood Bros taught me the magic of Cracker Barrel. It's a ubiquitous restaurant chain where you can sit down, order some vegetables, and have a non-fried meal by a roaring hearth. You can even rent audiobooks on CD, and return them to any other Cracker Barrel location.

3) Parkways are better than interstates. Especially in New York, and especially in the autumn. They even have pretty names like Palisades, Merrit, and Hutchinson.

4) Music. Driving music should be aggressively happy, or feel-good in a keeps-you-awake way. I recommend Elvis Costello, Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, or early Ella Fitzgerald. I DO NOT recommend Iron & Wine, Miles Davis, or Radiohead. You will love them right to sleep.


  1. I love the way you write, but not in a way that I love it right to sleep. It's lacksadaisically happy loving, like the alert-but-not-aggressive state after the best afternoon nap.

  2. my best driving music is carsie blanton: I can sing in her key (mostly) and I know all the words cuz she sings sooooo clearly!!!!

  3. I love the picture of Joe at the Wawa. Makes me want to go get a cheese shortie or just plain American cheese on Whole Wheat with oregano and honey mustard. Now I'm hungry and it's time to go to bed.

  4. I believe Wawa can be found in VA too and I agree that it is awesome.